Over on Twitter, Chad asked for a working definition of grace. Since it was Twitter, I asked if we needed to observe the 140-character limit. His Twitter post goes to Facebook, so not so much. But I thought a Twitter-sized limit would be interesting to attempt. Here’s my definition of one of the greatest, widest, deepest, grandest concepts in Scripture. Where does it lack?

Grace is the free gift of God’s salvation in Christ, not dependent upon human merit, but upon its reception by faith and obedience.

Nine characters to spare.

Paul also uses grace as a word for God giving us the ability to serve, ministry, which is not covered above. What else?

INERTIA. noun. 1. Force that inhibits an object from leaving a state of rest, especially human bodies from a bed in the morning, 2. Force that inhibits a church from changing traditions and centuries-old methodologies.

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