Inspired by John H.’s tip on Diaspora to carry an umbrella today because of the falling satellite, “Oh, Chicken Little”:

Oh, Chicken Little, the sky is falling,
And satellite pieces from space;
Is Jesus, too, about to come calling,
To raise us from this planet’s face?

My good-night couplet from last night, “I Sleep”: Continue reading

Idea of the day: Write your whole year in 2010 on a 4×6 card (or A6), depending on where you’re from: “My Year on an A6 Card.”

It will give you a birds-eye perspective of what you did during the year.

Your couplet for today:

To see like God, through time and men and gales,
He gives this gift, to know that good prevails. -JRM

Short poem, by unknown source, which I almost never pass forward, so today is a very, very rare exception:

“Whoso draws nigh to God
one step through doubtings dim,
God will advance a mile
in blazing light to him.”

Thought for the day:

Only God can make what starts badly end well.