TravelSome notes on our last days in the U.S., and return home in Brazil.

• My U.S. driver’s license was expiring this year. (We have legal residence in Ark.) Was in and out of the revenue office to renew it in 20 minutes. Even passed my eye test without glasses. But the license is good for only four years. Also checked on my voter registration: I’m still good to vote. I will definitely be voting in November, 2012.

• My uncle and aunt phoned and cancelled their camping trip. The contact on the phone said there was no activity at the campground: Everybody was staying in their campers under the air conditioning. Smart people. Parents and high school coaches ought to take a hint, doncha think?

• Seen on a TV ad: 1 out of two American men will get cancer, 1 out of 3 women. Nobody seems to find that strange. Just the way things are? It’s lifestyle, my friends, plain and simple, much of it because of diet (processed foods, fastfood). Other countries don’t have these statistics. Continue reading

While The Maiden stayed in Sao Paulo this weekend, we received a visit from an old friend from the Belo Horizonte area, our brother in Christ Alexandre, who began the work in the suburb city of Contagem. We’ve known him and his wife for many years, and have taught in the Contagem church a couple of times, at least.

Alexandre arrived Saturday morning. After a late breakfast, I showed him my office, and we ran some errands with Vicki. Jorge and Paula, with son Daniel, were coming through on their way to the men’s/women’s meetings in Taubaté, so they stopped in and lunched with us.

We all went to the Taubaté meets at 4 p.m., held in a sister’s house. (About 50 minutes from our house.) Her husband is an unfaithful disciple, but he and their youngest son sat in on the meeting. Alexandre spoke on Psalm 32, then several brothers encouraged the man of the house to return to Christ. We wrapped up with a few administrative items which Ricardo had noted. Continue reading

Good attendance today at SJC, with 30 people, and at Taubate, with 14. For the very first time, I’m repeating my sermons at both congregations, which means Vicki and Leila and Jorge and Paula are hearing them twice.

I started a new series today, to continue to the end of the year, “Pondering the Depths of God,” title taken partly from the ESV/NRSV rendering of 1 Cor. 2:10. Continue reading