On Sunday mornings, on the way to the church meetings, we see people walking, jogging, and riding bikes. All along the short distance we travel, dozens of people have risen on their day off to take care of their health.

All the people rose early in the morning to hear him in the temple area.
Luke 21:38 CEB

In the meantime, few manage to get up in the morning to meet with Jesus.

Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian. People delight in repeating that phrase. And it has a tad of truth to it. Continue reading


Today was a good day, with 26 this morning in SJCampos and 11 at Taubate. Jorge and Paula didn’t make it to Taubate this afternoon because of family issues.

At SJCampos, Paulinho’s train broke down, so he didn’t make it to teach his adult Bible class. Jorge had some material on hand, although off the plan of the Lord’s prayer, so he taught it, did a good job. I preached the second sermon, “Pondering Hope,” in the series of Pondering the Depths of God. Continue reading