Where did our people learn to talk like this? Not from the Bible …

“… We assume that we will have a fairly large market among members of churches of Christ, but we hope that both Christians of other fellowships as well as non-Christians will benefit from the program,” Young says. via Broadcasting Christ: Church starts airing service on local TV station | The Daily News Journal | dnj.com.

Emphasis in the quote is mine.

So we’re back to hyphenated Christians.

People who talk like this don’t share the same faith as we do.

God makes beautiful things. Creation leaves us amazed with the touch of his hand. It’s no wonder, then, that the divine religion is also a thing of beauty.

Tell slaves to submit to their own masters and please them in everything they do. They shouldn’t talk back or steal. Instead, they should show that they are completely reliable in everything so that they might make the teaching about God our savior attractive in every way.
—Titus 2:9-10 CEB

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The world does not know how to rightly honor women. It oppresses them, markets them in the sex trade, or else rips them violently from marriage and the home to thrust them above man. The world makes the woman a competitor of man, exalting her at his cost and to her detriment.

One of the symbols of the German women’s movement in the 1970s was the raised, closed fist within the symbol for the woman. It well captures the defiance inherent in the movement. Feminism is against the biblical truth as much as it opposes violence and inequality against women. Continue reading

BibleWith the communications revolution and the arrival of the Internet, we’re drowning in data and information. The problem is fitting them into some sort of system or structure so that we can understand them.

Facts are not mere facts, but have meaning. God doesn’t do things aimlessly. He has a reason for doing what he does.

For Adam was formed first and then Eve.
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Seven items in this post. No. 2 is a biggie, but catch the rest, too.

First, a cartoon I ran across the Internet searching for, get this, “submit to Christ.” Don’t ask me how it showed up. Maybe this angry wife doesn’t want to submit to … whatever.

I was searching for a graphic for a note on the new Facebook group, Jesus Lord and Savior. Come join.

Second, remember that Bible dictionary I told you I bought for $8 when it goes for $35 normally? Still glad I bought it, but there are items that causes one to scratch the head. Continue reading