When politicians talk about sending somebody to hell, beware! Let them restrict themselves to actions for this life. Let God take care of assigning people to their eternal destination. Today’s Cloudburst offering touches on this and on how Christ’s disciples have a far greater concern than justice, as man defines it, but work to save others. Continue reading

IntegrityHere’s the lesson: Let’s not be so busy with our own tasks that we miss the needs of others.

Here’s the illustration: Postman walks right by dead man. There’s even a short quatrain in it for you.

If you’re a person of faith, you’ll likely enjoy this prayer, in verse form, “Before the Earthly Waters Cleaved.” Here’s the first of four stanzas: Continue reading

This poem is a somber reminder of trading off spiritual and eternal hope for temporary, worldly pleasures. I use the first-person singular, but hope to avoid being in the number.

Three stanzas use iambic pentameter with an ABBA rhyme scheme, a bit different from my usual.

The first stanza goes like this: Continue reading