In 2 Peter, the threat to the church comes from within. False teachers were bringing false doctrine and immorality into the church. Peter wants to warn the saints away and strengthen them against such people who have risen among them.

How to do that? He starts off by saying the saints need to make extraordinary effort to grow spiritually, 2 Pet 1.5-11. Much needs to be added to faith for it to be effective and saving. Faith that just sits there doing nothing goes nowhere, certainly not to heaven. Neither will it be able to resist false teaching when it appears.

For such intense effort, how is one to keep from discouragement? By focusing on God and his power. Continue reading


Matthew 11.1-19

In the previous chapter, Jesus had sent out the Twelve on what we call the limited commission. An enduring lesson from it is that, if we feel inconvenienced or embarrassed by the gospel, we are not worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven.

John the Immerser also has great lessons that we might live worthily of the kingdom today. Continue reading