A few weeks ago I went to the bread store near our house to pick up quite a few items for breakfast, since our son and family were going to eat with us. I grabbed a little basket from the stack. Inside the second basket underneath the one I picked up was a wad of bills. I saw a R$50 and a R$20 among others. There may have been as much as R$200, although I didn’t bother to count.

The wife of the store owner was at the register. I explained what I found and tried to give her the bills. She said since I found it, it was mine. I told her it wasn’t mine, and that somebody might come looking for it. So I insisted she take it. One lady witnessing our conversation congratulated me.

I picked up the items I’d gone for, paid for them, and left. I forgot about it. Continue reading

READ: “Instead, put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh to arouse its desires” Rom 13.14.

THINK: We clothe the body to cover its nakedness, and we clothe ourselves, figuratively speaking, with Christ’s spirit. It is “to be characterized by the named quality or attribute” (S.K. Williams, Galatians, 105), a common figure in the OT, Psa 93.1; Prov 31.25; Isa 52.1. In the NT, the language belongs to Paul, Rom 13.12; Eph 4.24; Col 3.12, 14, similar to the expression of “wearing the shirt” of a sports team. We assume the attitudes of home to whom we have been united, Gal 3.27. Continue reading

IntegrityHere’s the lesson: Let’s not be so busy with our own tasks that we miss the needs of others.

Here’s the illustration: Postman walks right by dead man. There’s even a short quatrain in it for you.

If you’re a person of faith, you’ll likely enjoy this prayer, in verse form, “Before the Earthly Waters Cleaved.” Here’s the first of four stanzas: Continue reading