My comments and posts have been scattered across the social-media universe. Today, I made a big decision to bring all that to my personal website. Here. That means you’ll now see, in all likelihood, several posts a day. If you’re subscribed to the website through the WordPress/Jetpack system, you’ll get emails. If that’s too much for you, you can hit the unsubscribe link in any of the emails. Continue reading

Today seems to be taken with the gospel of Mark, chapter 1, the reading from the daily Bible schedule. Both my Forthright editorial, “Prepare the Way, Before the Time,” and a TFR thought, focusing on Jesus as a man of action, are based on it. There’s still time for you to jump in and do this yearly New Testament reading with us, because it starts today. One chapter a day, weekdays only. Start right here: Mark 1.

This morning was productive, zipped by as I knocked out the tasks. Amazing how a new year re-energizes. Now to keep it up. Continue reading