Wednesday is the Catholic religious holiday, Ash Wednesday, when you’re supposed to repent of your sins in sackcloth and ashes. Something like that. Tuesday is Carnaval (to give you something to repent of), but the licentiousness starts today. (OK, actually before, but the official perversity opens on the weekend.) I’ll keep on working normally. The Maiden took off last night with a group on a rented bus to another state for a church camp.

The bus returns Tuesday night, but daughter dearest says she’ll stay in Sao Paulo through the following Sunday to visit friends, since she doesn’t have to work all next week. Working girl has to take advantage now of her days off.

When at the office, I eat lunch in the street. Last week I found a nice little Chinese restaurant, buffet style, with a good price. And usually they have the caramel bananas for a freebie dessert. Good selection, food is fresh and hot, what more can you ask? Oh, and battered jumbo shrimp.

Last night we took The Maiden and Haroldo from Taubate to meet up with the bus. It was an hour late, so it was 2 a.m. before we tucked the car under the carport. I took it slow on the leg back because of the rain as we crossed the Mantiqueira mountain range. (See pic of mine of this range, here.) I’m too old for this. She called around 9:30 this morning to say they’d arrived safely. Continue reading

Good attendance today at SJC, with 30 people, and at Taubate, with 14. For the very first time, I’m repeating my sermons at both congregations, which means Vicki and Leila and Jorge and Paula are hearing them twice.

I started a new series today, to continue to the end of the year, “Pondering the Depths of God,” title taken partly from the ESV/NRSV rendering of 1 Cor. 2:10. Continue reading