Major media outlets have noted the rise in the number of Americans giving up their citizenship and moving to other countries. When a co-founder of Facebook moved to Singapore last month, the trend got noticed.

Now that the Supreme Court has upheld Obamacare as a tax in its ruling this morning, the Internet chatter about moving abroad picked up suddenly.

I noted on Twitter earlier that one American, on the wave of this trend, wrote about moving to Brazil for socio-economic reasons. I asked the question there, and I repeat it here: Why don’t you do it for spiritual reasons? Continue reading

‘Twas a while in arriving, but it’s here for your perusal. The first number of Volume 26 of “Brazilian Zeal Missions” is now at your disposal.

The report mentions the change in overseeing church, wife and daughter’s teaching, men’s meetings starting up, studies going on, books ready for printer. A lot for a single page!

Download it here: BZM 26-1

JPG of report08febBelow is the pdf document for our February work report. (Or click on screenshot at right.)

I bounce back and forth between doing a monthly round-up, but they have their value, I suppose.

The six headlines on the two-page document are these:

  • FEBRUARY REPORT: Churches Note Gains and Losses
  • Personal website rewired, other ministries helped
  • Other news: BNc to launch, Christian camp threatened Continue reading

This is for historic interest. File has date of 23 Aug 1997. From the blank in the last sentence, it may have never been sent, and there’s nothing in the list files either. (I’m going through files rescued from a ruined hard disk.)