We’ll do a biblical three, yea, four sequence.

Ed Mathews has a year-long daily devotional in PDF format, highly recommended, plus other study materials you should check out. It’s what I read. Biblically based, meaty without being dense, practical.

WAVE is “self-help for coping with overwhelming cravings and compulsions,” not spiritually based, but you might find some practical ideas. Continue reading

by J. Randal Matheny © 2015

No place like home! No place I’d rather be —
My bed, my couch, my deep tranquility,
My quiet retreat, my castle and private lair,
My ceiling fan’s constant hum, my closet of prayer.
Simple and humble things at home surround —
My modest space, where peace and joy are found,
Where rises love’s cool mist, and books are friends —
Ah! my home, the world’s rose-colored lens.

While in the US, I found a good buy at McKay’s in Nashville for $6: an original hardback copy of New Testament survey: an introduction and survey of the New Testament by the faculty of Harding University School of Religion / editor, Don Shackelford (Searcy, AR: Resource, 1987). The 508-page book includes photos, maps, and charts, so it’s a significant work. I had not previously heard of it.

It was produced as a textbook for Harding’s NT Survey classes. I don’t know if it is still used for that purpose. Continue reading

Wednesday is the Catholic religious holiday, Ash Wednesday, when you’re supposed to repent of your sins in sackcloth and ashes. Something like that. Tuesday is Carnaval (to give you something to repent of), but the licentiousness starts today. (OK, actually before, but the official perversity opens on the weekend.) I’ll keep on working normally. The Maiden took off last night with a group on a rented bus to another state for a church camp.

The bus returns Tuesday night, but daughter dearest says she’ll stay in Sao Paulo through the following Sunday to visit friends, since she doesn’t have to work all next week. Working girl has to take advantage now of her days off.

When at the office, I eat lunch in the street. Last week I found a nice little Chinese restaurant, buffet style, with a good price. And usually they have the caramel bananas for a freebie dessert. Good selection, food is fresh and hot, what more can you ask? Oh, and battered jumbo shrimp.

Last night we took The Maiden and Haroldo from Taubate to meet up with the bus. It was an hour late, so it was 2 a.m. before we tucked the car under the carport. I took it slow on the leg back because of the rain as we crossed the Mantiqueira mountain range. (See pic of mine of this range, here.) I’m too old for this. She called around 9:30 this morning to say they’d arrived safely. Continue reading

THE police stopped me this morning on the way in to the office. An officer took my car documents and driver’s licence, then went and checked them on some sort of list his partner was holding. Walked around the car, took his easy time, but finally returned my documents and waved me off. First time in a long time to happen.

• Got my editorial up today on FMag. It’s a pourypot. Er, potpourri. Hodgepodge. There. I mean, here.

• Late on getting out my January GoSpeak report. Soon.

• There’s not a single major updated Portuguese Bible version not clamped down by copyright restrictions. These guys are giving it a shot, with BíbliaLivre, but it’s still a work in progress, retains the old thee/thou type language, and relies on the Textus Receptus, an inferior textual base. I’m wanting a New Testament text to publish with some notes, but the right version just ain’t out there. Continue reading

The world at our feet, thanks to the Internet. I just did a translation for an ambassador from an African nation serving in Europe. All in the space of an hour from receiving it by email. How cool is that?

• Several publicity companies have published newspapers or magazines for our area of the city, Urbanova, which is fairly well delineated, considering it is accessed by a single bridge over the Paraiba River. But all of them seem to fail in that they come across as too commercial. Too little journalistic effort, too much filler. They seem to say, we just want to get our name and service in your face. The latest one to come sliding under our door seems a bit better for the effort, but still, something’s missing.

• The Missus brewed some Earl Grey tea and whipped up some blueberry muffins — the homemade kind, not the package stuff, while I translated. One of those life-is-good moments, know what I mean? Continue reading

One of the most neglected spots on the Internet is this blog. It’s the first to find itself thrown carelessly into a corner. It’s practically been scrapped for useable parts. Work reports and points went to GoSpeak.org. Posterous caught our eye and captured our virtual quotes and comments thereon. News, what little I know, since I’m the posterboy for the Last One to Find Out Things, gets posted on BrotherhoodNews.com. And The Fellowship Room, the big and beautiful group blog for Forthright Press on the web, takes the chatty breath out of my mouth.

So this personal site gets the crumbs: the rare piece of poetry that manages to seep out among the prose; the journey/journal entries with long and silent gaps between them; the sermon outline or Bible thought thrown to English speakers as a sop from the Portuguese side of the brain; the jagged, raw thought that demands expression but fits nowhere else but here. Ah, forsaken namesake!

• Ron Jackson popped into Brazil this week for more meetings with his employer, Embraer. He came to our house for a snack and taught our Bible reading group last night (Wed.). He’s always a joy and encouragement. He was here last in June, I think. Continue reading

Let’s see if we can get the posterous.com site set up to use to get the br /word out about FPress.

Now, a bit of news about the Choose! book. It’s being used in a detox hospital clinic, a prison, in ladies and youth classes at church. We’d like to hear more about where it’s being used.

Most of the manuscripts for the (working title) Right Kind of Christianity have been received. A couple are still out, but we expect br /them to be in within a matter of days. Then starts the editing process. Might we have the book ready by the time I get to the US again in August? Race against time …

UPDATE: In experimenting with posterous, this business post wasn’t meant to land here. That should be fixed now.


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May 28, 2010


Author with Local Ties Says, “Choose!”

WINONA, Miss. – Greene County, Arkansas, native Randal Matheny encourages people to make the right choices in his new book, “Choose! 13 Choices to Transform Your Heart and Soul.” Continue reading