Some painter’s idea of a painting, mine of random directions

When I started blogging back in 2002, almost 10 years ago, I called my first weblog “Random Variables.” The adjective was an obvious play on my name, and the title served as a tip-off that no single theme would dominate. I like the title to this day, although math is not my field.

I saw a mention of Thomas Sowell’s occasional “Random Thoughts” for his weekly column (excellent, by the way) and was reminded of mine. Not that the two have much in common, with Sowell’s incisive, powerful content. Me, just buzzing along. Continue reading

My thanks to keltonburgpreacher Eugene for nominating me to the Liebster Blog award. He was very kind to mention me as an inspiration for his own blogging. Some bloggers say “liebster” is German for “dear(est),” or “beloved,” so there’s a compliment built in to it, it would seem.

The award, as far as I can find, is a pass-it-on sort of activity. One accepts by nominating five other blogs with under 300 (some say 200) followers, from what some have said. While I don’t usually go for emails and other forwarding pushes, I like this idea, so to honor both my nominator and highlight some good works, let’s run with it.

The bloggers I chose below are regular posters whose subject is the Christian life.

And the nominated bloggers are … (in no particular order) Continue reading

It would seem that brother B.W. Johnson missed the evangelistic context of Col. 4:5 on “redeeming the time” or “making the most of the opportunities” (NET). He says it means “seeking time to do them good” (my emphasis). He broadens it to good works, but the context is to speaking the gospel. See verse 6.

• This broadening (elsewhere I call it mission creep) is a modern tendency as well. Our mission is one of proclamation, according to Scripture. But we’re teaching kids it’s service projects and emptying the treasury for benevolence. No wonder we stopped growing. Continue reading

This country couldn’t function without the Japanese. Tomorrow is the big Carnaval holiday, but everything closes — everything — the Saturday before, until Wednesday, usually in the afternoon. So today I ate at a Japanese (vegetarian) restaurant, and I picked up Vicki’s fruits and veggies from a Japanese stand. I’m being sarcastic, of course, but Brazilian Japanese — the largest group outside of Japan — are hard workers who seldom look up from their jobs.

A new GoSpeak missions ministry report just appeared on the website. Go there and read what we were up to last month. What did you do for the Lord in February?

Another Facebook friend asked the question I’ve seen a dozen times before, to pick up the closest book to you and turn to page 56 and post the fifth sentence on the page. I did and got a good message: “… all Christian service involves urgency.” What does this mean to you? Continue reading

You should not start a weblog, especially with your own domain, if you do it for these reasons.

  1. Because everybody else is doing it. The blog is one of the hot ticket items on the Internet. It is not a panacea. Blogs do not write themselves. In this stratosphere, they say, “content is king,” and unless you blog yourself silly, you won’t make much of a dent in virtual-land.
  2. To make money. Whoever told you you could, is trying to make money from telling people they can. Ask to see their IRS returns. To make money at it, you have to be obsessed. Or possessed. Or the son of Ronald Reagan. Continue reading

• Appears this supplemental blog is fast becoming my de facto main site. What to do, what to do?

• People (can I say, mostly, women?) here make carrot cake with chocolate icing. They think my wife’s carrot cake (different recipe from typical Brazilian mix) with white icing is strange, then they taste it and like it. This chocoholic likes it better my wife’s way, too.

• Much profitable study lately in 1 John. Preparing a post for here. Did one over there, a couple, actually. Continue reading