Richard Mansel, with whom I have more than one connection, was interviewed today about his congregation’s website by his local newspaper, Some of his comments:

“In a military community with military members, deployed members can visit the Web site and keep up with what is going on in the church. … Writing is my passion. I have these words on the inside that need to come out. … The Web site should be active and updated. Churches can also post CDs and DVDs of sermons. The Internet allows you to present your sermons to the masses. Some people enjoying reading the sermon, listening to it on audio, or watching the sermon.” Continue reading

witch’s brewI’m needing the wart of a frog,
The soup of a Londoner’s fog,
The hair of a spider,
The dust of a rider,*
To make me a popular blog.

–by Yours Truly

Some bloggers are snipers, snug on a rooftop taking deadly aim. Others plunge into public places with scattered shot to murder, bloody and maim.

Yet others strap self-destruction around their torsos and explode themselves in hopes of applause and reward.

They write for maximum effect, vampires for show, their dead on display. Continue reading