God gave all people a way to verify his truth. The Good News contains facts to be believed, truths to be accepted, principles to be followed, promises to be received, commands to be obeyed, life to be enjoyed, a mission to be fulfilled. We must obey from the heart that pattern of teaching that God entrusted us to. Praise to God for the discernment he gives that we might know his Good News!

This sounds like it would come from what some term a conservative legalist, but surprise! it comes from a liberal’s liberal.

What is offered in the letters [of the book of Revelation], therefore, represents a pattern of affirmation and correction, challenge and comfort, supporting the weak and challenging the complacent, which is the foundation of our pastoral and preaching ministry. (emphases mine)

The quote comes from Christopher Rowland, “Revelation,” Global Bible Commentary (Abingdon, 2004): 562. The one-volume commentary is a showcase for liberation and feminist theologies. Continue reading