The Common English Bible has this rendering for 1 Pet 1.2:

God the Father chose you because of what he knew beforehand. He chose you through the Holy Spirit’s work of making you holy and because of the faithful obedience and sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Apparently, the translators wanted to understand “obedience” as being that of Christ’s, so they then had to render the Greek preposition eis as “because of.” Continue reading

The Tennessean (via USAToday) reports that the revisors of this latest edition of the New International Version took the temp of evangelicals, so it’s geared to them. Tones down gender language, for one.

Wonder if it improves the bad passages any. Let’s check it out, it’s online at for viewing, print editions out next year.

Hmm, sinful nature is still in there. They replaced it with carne (flesh) in the Portuguese edition.

The NIV has an annoying habit of omitting particles, like “For,” at the beginning of sentences. That probably won’t change.

What else do you see?

stack-biblesA brother asked a preacher to speak on Bible versions. The preacher asked his friends for ideas and points. I thought of these. What might you add to the list?

  1. The Scriptures were originally written in Hebrew, a bit of Aramaic, in the Old Testament, and Greek, in the New. The Greek used in writing the New Testament was the common language of the day, not the literary language used by the historians and authors of the time. Continue reading


Biblica, the newly renamed owner of the NIV and TNIV, announced today that it would update the New International Version of the Bible.

Christianity Today reported that Biblica CEO Keith Danby said the 2002 revision of the translation, Today’s New International Version (TNIV) was a mistake. Continue reading