The young man I was studying with before our trip to the US has decided to be baptized. After some hurdles at finding a place to baptize Washington, we heard his confession at 1 p.m., US Central Time, today.

Some neighbors down the street were kind enough to lend us their pool. More on that later.

Washington came to us from the state of Bahia. He’s here for a year to work and then return home, in June. His fiance√© is a Christian.

For now, please pray for Washington’s decision, that the Lord will give him a clean conscience and that he will see not only the forgiving power of God but the empowerment to do his will and be a beacon for the gospel as well.


After a week of being shut out of my blog, plus over a half-dozen other sites on our hosted server, I’m back. The server’s host identified me as a bad influence and banned my IP. Once the System gets on your bad side …

In the meantime, I was doing the devotionals on the backup blog on Posterous. Do check those out. I was also tweeting and posting on my Friendica spot. You should really sign up for one of those. See here. Once you do, search for me as That’s not an email, but a Friendica ID.

Just posted a new Christian Hub recommendation for a “complete devotional experience.” Yesterday, I got mean with a TFR post, ‘All donors have agendas’. What else? I’m sure I missed something. Continue reading

Big news today is Fabia’s baptism. I add an extra tidbit about it on the posterous site (this post title is teaser), which you’ll find interesting to read.

Other big news: we have no meeting place for Sunday in Taubate. When we arrived last Sunday, we were told that the hotel was closed for renovation. Our sister in Christ, Rose, said she saw on TV that it went bankrupt. Whichever’s the case, one of the managers finally got in touch with us today to say we couldn’t meet there any more until April, when the hotel would be reopened. Continue reading

Vicki just now threw away two of the pans, handle-less, that the Ashland MS church gave us 30 years ago, before we had a single kid. She got new pots and pans for Christmas. I bit my tongue as she took them up to the trash bin. The others, still with handles, she plans to give away. Those pans have cooked many a meal. They’re almost like family. Almost. Is that sentimental, or what?

Two major items written today: first, my Forthright Magazine editorial, “The Continuum of Time,” a year-end thought, and then my commentary on 1 Thessalonians 4, over on The Fellowship Room. A third item, if you count my UPLift poem, “In Gray and Gravid Swirls,” today on this site. Ah, and The Prayer of Christmas Past. Continue reading