Though created in God’s image, man doesn’t know what God thinks. The Lord reveals his thoughts, but he must be consulted. He may be ignored or forgotten, but always to our loss. So it was with David:

And again David asked the Lord what to do.
2 Samuel 5:23a NTL

When King David consulted the Lord, all went well with him. When he failed to consult him, problems arose, such as when the ark was transported wrongly (chapter 6). David learned that “the LORD our God broke out against us, because we did not seek him according to the rule” (1 Chronicles 15:13 ESV). Continue reading

SalvationWhat child has ever asked his father for school clothes or textbooks? If he asked, the dad would give it with great pleasure, for his desire is for his child to study a lot.

Jesus instructs us to ask according to the will of God, as Paul does:

Brothers and sisters, my heart’s desire and prayer to God on behalf of my fellow Israelites is for their salvation.
Romans 10:1 NET Continue reading