Are there any more politicians like this one left?

In 1920, Jackson was elected state senator for the 2nd District, representing Randolph, Lawrence, and Sharp Counties. According to an editorial penned in 1924 by A. W. Parke, who later served as Secretary of the Arkansas Centennial Commission, Jackson was “the fightingest [sic] thing the general assembly has produced in many a decade. Show me a man that relishes a clash with Jackson… and I’ll show you a glutton for punishment.” Parke recounts how early in the 1921 session Jackson was known by the press corps as “The Hornet.” Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Jackson possessed an “analytical mind far beyond average” and in many cases, fought for causes that did not affect his district but “contained elements for right, and it is only in matters that Senator Jackson considers right that you will find him interested.” via Arkansan’s Life Story Found in Abandoned Safe Deposit Box.