Tiririca, the clown elected to Brazilian Congress (below)

Various and sundry subjects tonight …

FHU has released the first issue of its online theological academic journal. I gave my first impressions over on TFR, good, overall. They call it a “religious” rather than “theological” journal. Does that reflect, I wonder, our historical aversion to theology?

New plans, new help for BrotherhoodNews.com. Lord, make them fly. Trying to look at options for Forthright Magazine as well, but it’s slow.

Skyped last night with Barbara Ann, my ministry partner and biz colleague. Good long talk, caught up on plans and ideas. She said sales at FHU Lecs were slow, many people left early fearing the blizzard that fell Wednesday.

Somebody sent me a question last week about instrumental music in the Old Testament and what that meant for the New. He already knew the answer (The Old gives no authorization for the New), but wanted confirmation. I asked if I could post his question with my answer to our Portuguese website and he assented. There are fewer and fewer of his mindset around. The Brazilian church is going whole-hog for progressive doctrine, it seems. Continue reading

As mentioned earlier, I’m on a limerick streak, in terms of style, and on an aging streak, in terms of content. So far, on grandmas and physical changes like hair. (See all the poetry archives here, with other limericks about fans and frog warts.)

Today’s verse is on the eating habits of the elderly, which may not apply to all, of course. A caricature, certainly. But this is for fun, so here goes. Continue reading

by J. Randal Matheny

Old age is a bummer, they say,
With dentures, bifocals, toupee;
Hair grows in the nose,
In the ears, on the toes;
But up on the pate it won’t stay.

Divider pen

For some reason, a series of limericks on aging appeared in my poetry file over the last week. So I’ll post them here over the next few days. I started to find a picture of a bald head somewhere on the web, but with the present subtitle above by Dave Eggers,“The words are enough, if the words are good,” I decided against that. Continue reading

I participate — better, pop in and out — on Yahoo’s church-of-Christ list, where Ken Thomas is moderator. Today is his birthday, so I popped in with a few light lines of verse.


Our beloved mod is number eight squared!
By now we know he comes prepared
To tend this wandering flock, his staff
In hand to poke a paragraph
Strayed out of line. Let’s mind our p’s
And curly q’s, say “thanks” and “please,”
For at his age, three score and four,
Who knows if Ken can take much more!