To stay in place, I use seatbelts in my swivel chair


Yesterday Internet access was intermittent, mostly down. I blame it for missing my FMag editorial. If you can’t find a person to blame, technology is a wonderful scapegoat.

Finally remembered the password to my Kindle. It had gotten cobwebs. Started reading an Agatha Christie book which I got on Amazon for free.

Car repair got off cheap, maybe. Our good mechanic fixed a gas tank leak. He says if that doesn’t take care of it, he’ll have to order the part, which alone will cost five to six times today’s price, excluding labor.

Heat is back. The other night it was 86ºF at 11 p.m. Come on, Winter! Fans can only do so much. I got what I call the airplane fan fixed. It’s powerful, sounds like a turboprop. To stay in place, I use seat belts in my swivel chair and lock down the wheels.

Trent Childers posted an article of his you ought to read. I pray it changes some minds. Maybe even mine.

J. Randal Matheny

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