Hard to count laps with water in your nose


The swim teacher said I swam 1600m today, 32 laps in an hour. I counted less, but I’ll trust the objectivity of someone who’s not in the water. I tend to lose count after a few laps.

Not bad after a week of swimming, for an old guy.

We watched the opening game of the World Cup yesterday between Brazil and Croatia. Brazil won 3-1 and had the distinction of making all the goals in the game. Figure that one out.

We watched it at the house of friends, with lots of popcorn and homemade bread and hot chocolate. So I had to drag myself out of bed this morning. Amazed I did as well as I did in the pool.

Everything pretty much closed down yesterday for the game, usual World Cup enthusiasm. People did all the protests and strikes, then settled in to watch the home team.

Yesterday morning I went to renew my driver’s license. After six stations, countless signatures and papers, $45 including medical exam which was anything but, and 45 minutes, I was told I could pick it up the next day.

Yesterday was also — besides the Middle Son’s birthday — Brazil’s Valentine’s Day, so while I was at the mall, where the government’s TimerSaver service is located, including the driver’s license department, I brought a rasberry-filled donut home to The Missus. Her favorite.

So I missed answering a lot of email and other good work items. Supposed to be a day off anyway. But I didn’t even get a nap. Maybe today?

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