Patience. We all have our points of impatience, probably. Behaviors or attitudes that get underneath our skin. Maybe it’s where we feel a tad superior in some area. We think that people who haven’t come up to our standard of knowledge or conduct in that point are fools. Maybe they are, even.

I find myself getting impatient over conversations and ill-advised statements about Bible versions. I confess. I repent. Nothing more to say here.

Forecast calls for rain throughout the week, and temps in the high 70s, low 8os. I like rain. Keeps the temps down, usually. Although there are those afternoon showers that just steam things up.

The post title is alliterative. Cheesy? I chose it especially for those lovers of alliteration.

We had visitors at church this morning from several states, not to mention cities: Amazonas, Mato Grosso do Sul, Paraná. Then, from three different cities within Sao Paulo state. The family from Paraná hopes to move to SJCampos this month, if they can. We pray that if they do, that they’ll be a blessing to the work here.

The Maiden and her three friends went to the mall for a movie this evening. Vicki and I watched one on video. They’re now in her room singing hymns. The friends stay til Wednesday, when two head home. The third, looks like, will be with us for a week or two.

Once in a while I listen to Internet radio. Try out this Irish easy listening station, Radio Leinster. Had it on tonight and enjoyed it.

If you’ve not yet gone through something like this, do it for yourself. It only takes a few minutes, this presentation of the gospel.

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