Today was a good day, with 26 this morning in SJCampos and 11 at Taubate. Jorge and Paula didn’t make it to Taubate this afternoon because of family issues.

At SJCampos, Paulinho’s train broke down, so he didn’t make it to teach his adult Bible class. Jorge had some material on hand, although off the plan of the Lord’s prayer, so he taught it, did a good job. I preached the second sermon, “Pondering Hope,” in the series of Pondering the Depths of God.

We lunched with Jorge and family at Colinas Mall, and talked with Jorge about the Guaratingueta church deciding, or not, to change their meeting time. That may also mean Jorge and Paula will be helping out less at Taubate, swapping between the two.

At Taubate, Humberto’s parents were visiting, and Sr. Hugo accepted speaking a word of edification to us (him in pic above). Both father and son are military, and Hugo and his wife are being transferred to Manaus next year.

In the photo, Haroldo was also taking a picture at the same time. We’ll forgive him for that.

Flags in the background of the photo are the Sao Paulo state flag, the Brazil flag and the city flag of Taubate.

Tonight, after returning from Taubate, we celebrated our 25 years on the field (Nov. 28) by eating out at Burger King.

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  1. […] Read on my personal website my short Sunday review of meetings at SJCampos & Taubate, with a picture of our guest speaker at latter. (We work with two congregations on Sundays.) Plus a small celebration. […]

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  2. Randal, I had my calendar marked that you were celebrating 25 years and forgot to surprise you with a note about it. Anyway, congratulations!!!

  3. Yes, that’s André. He’s studying medicine in Taubaté, comes to church once in a while, when he doesn’t go back home to Atibaia.

    We do now, at ValeSul, which is now the largest mall in town. 🙂 Pretty good too.

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