Timing. No good word for it in Portuguese (a friend said people here use the word agenda), but that word is the reason I’m backing out of a project that I’d said I’d do. I’ve not been able to get it off the ground, what with trips to the U.S., and now getting back into the swing of things here, so I’m sure the directors aren’t happy with that. Not seeing any opening any time soon, I’m going to let them carry it forward without me.

• This is a long holiday weekend, Oct. 12 being a religious celebration with tens of thousands of people coming just down the road from us. (The same day is also Children’s Day, so the toymakers are making a killing. Toys here don’t have great quality and the prices are astronomical.) Going to church in Taubate, we saw lots of pilgrims walking to Aparecida, where the basilica is located. A couple of people were carrying crosses.

• Our good sister in Christ Paula Santos is in Buenos Aires on a shopping trip with her sisters-in-law. I was proud she had asked me ahead of time about a congregation there. Jorge and Daniel were at church this morning, with his brother Adriano, whose wife had traveled with Paula. They came for lunch, but rather than go to Taubate this afternoon, returned to Sao Paulo to do some work.

• Went to bed earlier last night, woke up about 5 a.m., got up around 5:30, did last minute prep for Bible school. Had a good list of questions and four applications for Isaac’s prayer in Genesis 26. Maybe I’ll post them, if I can get time to translate them.

• The Fellows on The Fellowship Room have really slowed down. Not sure how to get them moving again. Content has fallen off by half or more. The Christian Hub hasn’t taken off as I imagined. Need to get behind it for a good push. Ron T., is doing wonderfully by highlighting occasional articles from the feed. Though we’ve talked a lot over the past year or so, Barbara, Richard, and I, about big changes for Forthright Magazine, looks like we may be getting close to moving from Moveable Type to WordPress.

• Vicki had a fine lunch fixed today, with chicken from the slow cooker, sweet-and-sour carrots, my favorite in the carrot dept., cauliflower-broccoli slaw, and rice. Leila fixed another cake yesterday, so that topped with flocos ice cream was served for dessert.

• Humberto and Aline are studying with a lady in Taubate. Vicki will start one with a lady next week. The work continues and we pray God will touch still more lives.

What do you think?