Sunday night tally

  • Tree destroys car in SJC
  • News report says about 30 trees were knocked down around town in yesterday’s storm. One was a big eucaliptus tree in the parking lot of the Thermas sports club just behind the Colinas mall, not far from the house. In a neighborhood about 10 minutes away, one tree destroyed a car. Some neighborhoods had interrupted water service and electricity was knocked out in a good part of town. Limbs large and small were down all over on our way to worship.
  • Our attendance this morning at SJCampos was about average, 31 total, with 4 non-Christian visitors.
  • My sermon continued the series, “Attitudes of Jesus,” with “Jesus, the Vulnerable,” text from John 11.
  • Jorge and Paula weren’t able to go to Taubaté church tonight, so I recruited Paulo and Adauri from SJC. All I had to do was preach tonight, in my series, “Dead and Dying,” taking another angle from John 11 with, “Lazarus, whom Jesus Loved.”
  • Leila’s friend Priscilla spent the night with her and went to church with us this morning. We were pleased her parents allowed her to do this. They live in our neighborhood about three blocks over.
J. Randal Matheny

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