• The body cries for rest, tired from the day’s fullness (of blessing). It reaches that stage more quickly than in years past, most certainly from the increasing demonstrations of God’s goodness. Age has nothing to do with it. And with the body’s tired state, the mind gets more pensive.

• Two posts of mine today on The Fellowship Room about Catholicism on the move (or maybe, digging in) and my new favorite Corinthian Bible verse.

• Boo on hootsuite (social web app) for going to a paid service and yanking away free stuff I was using. Nambu (for Mac) now taking over most of my needs, after spending some precious time finding a replacement.

• Vicki and I travel out of state next Sunday for me to teach 1 Cor. and Hebrews at a preacher training school, over a week’s time. I’m racing to get it all done. Invite came suddenly, in short time frame, because of a situation there. They’re paying our airfare.

• The day of our return, Nov. 28th, will be on the 26th anniversary of our arrival in Brazil. In 2011, if the Lord doesn’t return before then and I don’t go to meet him, it will be half of my life spent in Brazil.

• Then, on Dec. 4, come Mike and Mary Hughes for a visit. That’ll be fun.

• Leila invited a friend of hers from the capital to come visit for the holiday (tomorrow is a national day). Her friend is having a rough time of it these days, Leila thought she might encourage her.

• I’ve learned it takes me a lot of work to keep myself encouraged and motivated. Is the way I am, have to accept it, keep pumping up the mind, and just move forward.

• Having taken on this teaching assignment, I’m behind on other things: mission report, emails, websites. Short-term sacrifice for, one hopes, a long-term good.

• What’s happening with you lately?

What do you think?

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