Nine-forty p.m. here. Time to let down the hair, all quarter-inch of it. On the way back from Taubate, I treated Vicki to a snack, and she chose BK. We’ve not eaten out in over a week, she’s done great having something fixed at home since before Leila went to camp.

That’s excepting Tuesday night, when we a Subway sandwich at the Center Vale Mall with Jorge, Paula, Daniel and Jose Roberto, and Daniel insisted on paying (I think his mom or dad put him up to it).

And before the BK burger tonight, the last time I ate meat was Sunday lunch a week ago, when we had the same crew as above here at the house, and Vicki prepared her mustard chicken. I like her mustard chicken. But I didn’t eat a lot of it.

Our numbers were small today. Lots of people traveling, Jorge, Paula and Daniel among them, gone to Brasilia to visit family. So I took Jorge’s Bible class with the adults today, teaching on 2 Cor. I gave a handout with the Bible text, questions on each section and a small map locating Troas, Corinth, Macedonia etc. (If you want to check out the handout, in Portuguese, click on the link in the text HERE for the PDF.)

Tomorrow we finish up the book of Mark in our Bible reading schedule (the pdf is here on the site somewhere; you search, I’m lazy tonight), with chap. 16. Then the letter to the Philippians for the rest of the week. Another joy to read.

Since Vicki was the only repeat listener at both SJC and Taubate churches today, I imposed upon her and repeated my sermon, based on the centurion’s confession of Jesus as the Son of God in Mark 15. I’ll try to get those points out somewhere on the web before long. site has been down all day. I emailed the webmaster early this morning, but have heard nothing yet. Am getting impatient to see it back up. We were going to start Jeff Jenkins’ communion meditations, but scratch that. Maybe next Sunday.

Our visits to The Fellowship Room have taken a nice jump, as have to BNc, but the latter didn’t hold up today. No story, no hits.

Almost 10 p.m. Think I’ll turn in early tonight. Tomorrow’s a new day. I trust for you too.

So what’s been up with you lately?

What do you think?