Jorge and Paula are on vacation this week, so we were deprived of their presence in SJCampos and Taubate. We were gone last week, of course, so it’s been a couple weeks now since we’ve been together with them. They’ll be back by Saturday for Haroldo’s birthday party.

Haroldo had asked for a birthday cake and a BBQ for his birthday. He said he had never gotten anything, had any kind of celebration for his birthday. He’s in his 40s. There are such people out there. So we’re going to play it up for him, make the first one his best.

Pretty good attendance this morning, 24 at SJCampos, fewer tonight at Taubate, only 7. I started two new series in each place: distinctives of our plea to be the church of the NT, in SJCampos; at Taubate, a five-study series, intended originally for evangelism, answering the question, “What Must We Do to Be Saved?” The latter is online in very skimpy form here.

I was expecting to have to double up leading in worship in Taubaute, but Humberto did the songs, and directed the Lord’s supper and offering. I suspect Jorge may have mentioned to him that he’d be gone today, so he came prepared. Nice initiative on his part. Haroldo also lead prayer tonight.

Traffic was backed up in Taubate on the Via Dutra when we started back, so I took the back road and came back the old Sao Paulo-Rio highway. Not sure it saved any time, but was a nice change of pace from the four-lane interstate.

Weather turned nippy tonight, so after getting home we had a second round of Vicki’s lentil soup with hot bread from the padaria. If Jacob’s was anything like Vicki’s, one might give Esau a break for giving in to the temptation.

Last night was Netinho’s one-year birthday party. Brazilians go all out for those. I married his parents who are Christians here in SJCampos, so we had to be there.  They had it at a rented buffet house, must have been 50 people there, photographer, videographer, PowerPoint of birth and growth; like I said, Big Deal. Fortunately, it started at 5:30 p.m. and we were out by 8:30.

Friday night Leila went with Priscila to see Harry Potter. I told her that since the pope approved of it, she could watch it. They went to the new cinema at the Vale Sul Mall; discovered there’s a BK now in SJCampos. Another option for slow death. But when you want to feel like you’re eating a real hamburger, that’s the place. Forget the Arches.

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