Sunday-Monday catch-up

Some tidbits and big bits from yesterday and today.

  • The SJC church yesterday decided not to continue in the building we’ve been renting for almost 5 years. Our contract expires July 30. Now to other decisions as to what to do.
  • Jorge paid for our lunch yesterday, after inviting us to have lunch with them. I’d told him once we were eating more at home to help on expenses, so I suppose that offer reflected my earlier comments. Watch what you say! We used to eat Sunday lunch at the shopping center with them a lot, gave us some good time together.
  • This before Vicki was going to invite them home for lunch, with BBQ chicken in the pot. But our decision meeting delayed, so we would not have time for the side dishes before time to leave for Taubaté.
  • Today is a holiday, Tiradentes Day, so I slept late, until 8, then tinkered about the house, read some, went to the office around 12:30 for a bit.
  • I finished C.S. Lewis’ That Hideous Strength this morning as I had my tea and toast.
  • Nailed down details with Barbara on sending out Forthright emails during her trip and mine, as well as possible meeting of BNc editors.
  • Heading to write my Forthright article for the day.
J. Randal Matheny

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