Taubate church meetingBZEAL Weekly Report

This past Sunday was a good day for us in the Taubate congregation. We had some visitors and all of our regular folk, except Leila, were present.

Some pictures of last Sunday are available online at Facebook and Flickr.

Leila will be at the Christian camp for two weeks, first as a monitor, then as a camper.

For three weeks now we’ve been meeting in a larger conference room, in the same hotel (Gavea), at the invitation of the new events director. It has a functioning air conditioner, a relief in these hot climes.

Sr. Hugo and his wife visited us again, on their way to a two-year stint in Manaus. He is a military man and is being tranferred up to Amazonas. Both their sons are in the army. The younger is in a city on the other side of the state, and he and his girlfriend were also present. The older son Humberto is stationed in Taubate, and he and his wife Aline have been a wonderful addition to our number. Humberto directed the Lord’s supper meditation Sunday.

Sr. Hugo is a dynamic preacher, so I invited him to encourage us with a message, which he did with fine style, using 2 Kings 20:1 for a text. “Putting your house in order,” he said, didn’t refer to adding a carport or painting a wall, but getting prepared spiritually.

Haroldo directed the offering. In the group pictures he sits behind Vicki.  Haroldo has been a mover in evangelism.

Leading singing was another new addition. Ademir and his family come from the other side of Sao Paulo also. He was transferred to Taubate to assume the management of a branch bank. He, his wife and daughter will be meeting with us. Their sons remained behind, although Ademir Jr., was visiting with us Sunday.

With so many men present, all that was left for me to do Sunday was close the meeting with a final thought (my sermon reduced to 3 minutes) and prayer, and a few announcements. I got off light this past Lord’s day.

There have been weeks when I did everything, since Jorge would be traveling and we’d have no other men present. May that never happen again!

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