With the server change for this website, I had started to use WordPress’s own Jetpack subscription option, the easy way out, to let people sign up to the little site here. Except that I had no way, that I could see, to add email addresses from the old site or manage them once I had them in Jetpack.

So I remembered having the Subscribe2 plugin on a Portuguese-language site, and it seems to work well there. I checked it out, added subscribers from the old plugin (which I had copied by hand!), inserted the widget, and zoom! along the happy road we go. At least, it appears that way.

So all my former subscribers continue with me. (Have you told your friends about this little secret website?)

Jetpack, learn a lesson. He who lets us control our info and data, wins. If this does work out, I’ll send the developer a bit of a donation.

So … have you signed up to the Walking with God site?


What do you think?