Seven items in this post. No. 2 is a biggie, but catch the rest, too.

First, a cartoon I ran across the Internet searching for, get this, “submit to Christ.” Don’t ask me how it showed up. Maybe this angry wife doesn’t want to submit to … whatever.

I was searching for a graphic for a note on the new Facebook group, Jesus Lord and Savior. Come join.

Second, remember that Bible dictionary I told you I bought for $8 when it goes for $35 normally? Still glad I bought it, but there are items that causes one to scratch the head.

Big entry on Creeds — find that in the Bible, huh? Remember, this is supposed to be a Bible dictionary, not a “Christian Church” or “Christian History” dictionary. And four lines, count ’em, four, on Commandment.

Sure, there are 1 3/4 pages for the 10 commandments, and four more lines given to “Commandment, New,” but the “Commandment” entry lists not a single New Testament reference. Go figure.

I suspect such an imbalance is due to (1) the Protestant reliance on creeds to define their denominations (couldn’t exist without them) and (2) the evangelical bias toward faith only. After all, what evangelical wants to deal with passages like John 12:50, “And I know that his commandment is eternal life.” Easier just to ignore it, dontcha think?

Um, third, I’m late on getting a monthly report out. As if you’d noticed.

Fourth, I’m working Facebook, as well as Twitter, and adding lots of new people. To get out the Message.

Fifth, the SJC church decided not to rent the building next to my office. More on that later. Looks like, though, the decision-making process for that got us off first base.

Sixth, the three websites I mentioned last post are beginning to take off. Good stuff on there, check ’em out.

Seventh and last, I can’t think of anything else at the moment, but it just seemed to be a good thing to have 7 items in this post. Oh wait, I got one: I loved one brother’s religious definition on Facebook: Predenominational Christian. That says a lot.

What do you think?