Stylebook description of the church

The following description comes from a stylebook for journalists and religion writers as they write about religion. As such, it’s not a dictionary or theological treatise. Still, it presents an interesting perspective.

Churches of Christ: There is no central headquarters or organization for the Churches of Christ, as each congregation is autonomous. Members have traditionally regarded their churches as a restoration of the New Testament church. They typically do not use instrumental music in worship because, they say, the New Testament does not command it, and whatever is not commanded is forbidden. Baptism by immersion is generally regarded as essential for salvation. The minister of a congregation is addressed by members as Brother. Do not use the honorific the Rev. for Church of Christ ministers. Do not refer to the space for worship as a sanctuary; auditorium is usually preferred. Do not refer to the communion table as an altar; use communion table.

How would you tweak it?

J. Randal Matheny

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