The story of the Bible is about God who realizes his will and fulfills his promises, in spite of the infidelity and weakness of man. Each step along the way, Scripture presents God’s success above human incapacity.

King David was very old; even when they covered him with blankets, he could not get warm.
1 Kings 1.1 NET

David couldn’t even manage to warm his body. His servants arranged a young virgin to lie with him to keep him warm. The old king had not even the strength to have relations with her. In every point the narrative shows the weakness of the king.

Old and powerless, David does not see that his son Adonijah has already proclaimed himself king. To bolster his claim, he has made alliance with those close to David. The situation appears bleak.

But the prophet Nathan, a key person in the narrative, since he is God’s man, causes David to take note of the facts and to put his son Solomon on the throne. Paul House wrote, “The faithfulness of Yahweh was impeccable in the process of succession.”

When we cannot even take care of our most basic necessities, we may still be certain that God will do what he has promised, and that even through our weakness.

“I am weak, but Thou art mighty,
Hold me with Thy pow’rful hand.”

Hold this thought: When I am weak and can’t stay warm, / God works his will, his powers perform.


2 thoughts on “When I can’t even keep myself warm

    • Excellent verse to accompany the thought. Only the recognition of our weakness (is this part of humility?) can open us to the strength of God.

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