How to keep from abandoning God’s path

How to keep from abandoning God’s path? By realizing that his commandments are intimately connected to himself.

I do not turn aside from your regulations,
for you teach me.
Psa 119.102

The word of God is “the teaching voice of the Lord himself and is intrinsically delightful” (J.A. Moyter, NBC21). (See verse 103.) His word comes directly from him. We ought to see the Bible as his breath, 2 Tim 3.16.

“The love of God’s law comes out of love for God, the Teacher” (W.A. VanGemeren, EBC).

He who loves God also loves his word. He who does not love his word does not love God, no matter how much one affirms the contrary.

The one who desires to draw near to God seeks his word, loves it intensely, and meditates on it constantly (verse 97).

J. Randal Matheny

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