How the gospel can spread in your region

Is this not what we want to happen in our own area of the country?

So the word of the Lord was spreading through the entire region.
Acts 13.49 NET

The question is, how can this happen today, in our locations? Here are some ideas from the chapter where the verse occurs.

  1. God used willing servants like Paul and Barnabas who fearlessly and constantly preached the gospel, vv. 14-43. They did not fear opposition. They did not quit.
  2. God used the proclamation of his word, a direct speaking to people lost in their sins; they were speaking and persuading, v. 43. They did not depend on mere example.
  3. God used man’s obedience to his sending to make the word spread — they went when he told them to go, vv. 1-3, 47. They did not make excuses for not going, nor decide that staying was more convenient.
  4. God used the rejection of some to open the door for others, vv. 46, 48. They did not get discouraged by rejection, but moved on to seek receptive hearts.
  5. God used the constant emphasis of eternal life and salvation of the soul in message and faith, vv. 46-48. They did not get sidetracked with politics or social improvement.

Would doing as they did not make a difference in how the church grows today? What other textual keys might be identified in Acts 13?

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