The blessing of the spiritual family

churrasco brasileiro

¶ The cookout Saturday night was great, good meat, loved that grilled cheese, good to eat rice and beans again, but the body sure needs some light, vitamin-filled nourishment. Almondshakes in the morning are helping, but heavy meals slow a feller down.

Ditto for lunch Sunday at Carol’s house as we visited there and encouraged a family in mourning. It all tasted great, but weighted toward meats and carbs. Yesterday the feeling was sluggish.

¶ ‘Twas a blessing to be back with the spiritual families in Taubaté and Urbanova. The love and friendship that prevail among us renews the soul and fires up the heart.

Time to sit and do some planning on lessons, as well as outreach. The Missus is planning a small couples’ dinner here for the Brazilian version of Valentine’s Day, on June 12. We’ll do it the following Saturday.

¶ Our day Sunday didn’t end until nearly 11.30 pm, when I got home from taking Douglas and Ludmila to Jacareí. (See below.)

¶ Here are some people to mention in your prayers today.

  • Pray for DIL Valerie in Malaysia, on business to train associates, as she copes with food issues and and possible broken toe. And for Micah and Leila as they keep up the house and care for Tessa.
  • Both of Douglas and Ludmila’s cars broke down. I went and got them Sunday. Pray they won’t be out lots of money for repairs.
  • The economy is bad here. Pray Alcides and Silvia’s hotel picks up business to help them honor their commitments.
  • Pray for sr. Benedito’s health, that he can improve some to keep him going.
  • Pray for those we hope to study with or resume studies, or those who need to obey, or are somewhere in their journey toward following the Lord Jesus Christ: Fred, Eduardo, Anibal, Ana Paula, Amanda, Caio, Rafael, Manoela, Ailton, Maria, Paulo, Katia, Fernando.
  • Pray for comfort for Fred (Taubaté) and his sister Manoela in the sudden death of their father in Rio de Janeiro.
  • Pray for sr. Odílio (Taubaté) who got a bad report on exams for an oral problem. D. Claudete took him back to the doctor yesterday morning for more information. It doesn’t sound good.
  • Pray for my mom and dad. He has Alzheimer’s and Mom is taking care of him.
  • Pray for us to get up to speed after our trip. We hit the ground running, but we’re not at 100% yet.

¶ I just put a brother way up in the interior of the northeast in touch with someone in a congregation here in our state. He says he has someone who visited his website and wants a Bible study. I won’t say I do this sort of thing every single day, but I do it quite frequently. Glad to serve as a connection for people. Part of what we do here.

J. Randal Matheny

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