My go-to spots on the Internet

Here’s a screenshot of my Speed Dial in Opera browser. What does your list or main spots on the Internet look like? (Notice mine no longer include FB or Twitter, though I still browse the latter for news. FB, not so much.)

My Speed Dial sites on Opera
My Speed Dial sites on Opera

This still needs some tweaking, but I’m getting there. I’ve been on Opera browser a short time, but especially like the ability to create searches from the URL bar with shortcuts. That’s why no search, dictionary, or rhyming sites that I use (duckduckgo, startpage, unbubble, rhymer, linguee, dicio, etc.) show up here.

It took me a while to warm up to using the Speed Dial, but I like it now. I used to (and still do to a degree) just start typing in the URL bar and let the browser do the auto-complete. That way my hands don’t leave the keyboard, which increases speed.

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