A light rain is falling. I started to go down to the little mercearia just outside our neighborhood to buy a couple of pieces of bread, but gave up the idea when I opened the door and saw it raining. It’s light enough that it makes no noise, but heavy enough to get seriously wet between there and here. Umbrellas are good for a dash from the car to the office, but for any distance, they don’t do the job.

The knee still is bothering me, kept waking me up during the night, so I didn’t try to catch the bus to the office this morning. There are some resources I’d like to have at the office, but nothing I can’t do here, if not as polished.

Somewhere I read that today, or tomorrow, is National Aural Awareness Day. Or Week. Probably the latter, since it’d take me more than a day to become aware of my aura. (I was told once I had a very beautiful, positive aura. Really.) I think I’ll celebrate John Bunyan’s birthday instead.

In the U.K., earlier this month, some toilet brain declared the 19th as World Toilet Day, to — I kid you not — “have people in all countries to take action, increase awareness of toilet user’s right to a better toilet environment.” Let’s see, that better environment must include not having anybody barge in on you, improved paper quality, soundproof bathrooms, and an HDTV to watch while taking care of necessities.

It’s impossible to make this stuff up, reality is better than fiction.

Now, if we’re going to talk about public restrooms, which I had to use a number of while traveling several thousand miles for two months in the States, I could almost join in on this campaign for toilet user’s rights.

I guess people don’t have a big enough purpose in life that will carry them into eternity, so any little cause is better than spending your life in a substandard toilet.

This month, they Brits tell us, also contains World Hello Day (greet 10 people to demonstrate “the importance of personal communication for preserving peace”), National Curry Week (wonder which country that’s big in), National Tree Week (takes a week to hug a tree) and World Television Day, as if we needed a special day to remind us to turn on the TVs.

All these right up there with All Saints’ Day and St. Andrew’s Day.

Today’s a special day for me, because wife and daughter return from their retreat, and I get, Lord permitting, my family life restored.

Well, I have a sermon and a bulletin to finish for a special day tomorrow. The first day of the week.

What do you think?