Something good: money in hand, free rides

Here are three good things that have happened recently after the troubles that came in threes.

  • This morning, I went to the little market near our house, where lightning hit and damaged our car, to buy a couple items. The owner wound up giving me the money, in cash, to replace the windshield. What a nice surprise! He’d said he’d pay for it, but we wondered. Oh me of little faith!
  • Yesterday, Vicki caught the bus into town (we have only the one car), took care of some business, and then walked down to my office around 5 pm. We stepped over to the pie store for a snack, before heading to catch the bus home. (The bus stop is about a 15-minute walk from the office.) The owners of the pie store, who have become good friends, offered to take us home. So we waited a tad more — not much more than we would have spent walking to the bus stop and riding the bus home — and got a ride to our door.
  • On Sunday, another dear friend lent us her SUV to get to Taubaté for the church meeting there. She and her family came to the Sunday meeting in our home afterwards, and she took her vehicle home from there. They’ve not participated in the Sunday worship since last year, so it was a special blessing to have them with us. (She has been participating regularly on Wednesdays.)

I delivered our car to our mechanic yesterday, who also does auto body work. Considering the price of the insurance deductible and loss of discount on renewing at year’s end, he can do it for about the same amount. We’ll know it’s quality work, and if I’m going to put money in somebody’s pocket, I’d rather it be him. And he’ll have it back to us in a third of the time. About two weeks, he said, if weather cooperates.

J. Randal Matheny

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