Here’s one submission on the post-election theme.

Some Things Will Not Change
by Barry Gilreath, Jr.

Tuesday’s election is history. Americans now know who will be their president for the next four years.

What does the future hold for our country under an Obama administration? Will he govern to the center or to the far left? What changes will come about as a result of his win? Will his promise of change bring about the good of our nation, or will these changes be detrimental?

Time will tell all things relative to the new administration. However, there are some things that will not and can not be changed. I reference the time tested principles of truth that no nation or its leaders can alter. We must adhere to these truths and stand firm, or else God has promised that there will be consequences, despite one’s political persuasion. Consider a few.

#1. God is still in control.

Some people think that when an election has taken place, power is transferred to the political party that obtains the most votes. Though it is true that the mantle of leadership may shift from election to election, man is simply a steward of power and possesses no control outside of that which God permits.

God’s power and authority is absolute (Matt. 28:18). There are no term limits on Deity. It is God who exercises His will upon all nations (Dan. 4:17). Though mortal man may assume that he is in charge and calls all the shots, and though he may approach each day as if he can have certainty about tomorrow, such is foolish and puny thinking (James 4:14). Man can plan and predict; He can purpose and proceed, but truly such activity is within the limits that are set by Jehovah God.

Whether it be Bush or Obama who is sitting in the Oval Office, the Lord God is still reining high above in Heaven. A wise president will recognize his own limits, and a wise nation will walk under submission to the God of all men.

#2. God’s word is still final.

When a new president is elected there is an expectation that policies will change. This is fine in the realm of politics, but sometimes politics overextends its bounds and seeks to altar timeless truths that have been set by God (John 12:48).

Christians, regardless of their political preferences, cannot sit quietly when the moral fabric of our country is threatened by immoral legislation that is counteractive to principles of godliness (Matt. 5:14; Ezek. 3:18-21). The sanctity of marriage, the sanctity of life, and the recognition of God and His absolute word in our lives, are not areas that politicians of any party should be allowed to tamper with.

God’s word is still binding and His laws are still authoritative regardless of the party wearing the mantle of power.

#3. God’s people are still Heaven-bound.

No matter how bad the economy gets, no matter how many wars are raging abroad, the Christian can still have an optimistic outlook on his or her future. We have Heaven as our eternal home (John 14:1-3). No politician or raging dictator living abroad can take away that which God has given to us. No man can pluck us out of His hand (John 10:28-29). We are safe in the arms of Jesus.

#4. God’s blessings or cursings are still connected to a people’s righteousness or unrighteousness.

Since the dawning of the Creation God has blessed people who obeyed Him and cursed those who disobeyed Him (Mal. 2:2). Living in 2008 and electing a new President does not altar this timeless truth.

America can be poised on the edge of greatness and prosperity, or we can be near to the brink of disaster and defeat. Our wealth, peace and stability are ultimately not something that will be determined by the wizards of Wall Street, a prolific and polished politician, nor even by the strength and hard work of our own hands. America will be blessed only if Americans bless God by the choices they make in response to His word (Isa. 1:19- 20). America the beautiful will retain its glory only if we as a nation recognize the beauty of His holiness and continue to move more towards God (Prov. 14:34).


Our new President has promised change, and it is change that most citizens of this country voted for. Yet may we all be reminded in the climate of change that truly there are some things that can not, and will not be changed.

May we as Christians seek to influence those around us in light of these truths, so that we may live a peaceful and prosperous life in the years to come.

What do you think?