People worry about the world being destroyed by a meteor or by human interference. They shouldn’t.

The LORD reigns!
He is robed in majesty,
the LORD is robed,
he wears strength around his waist.
Indeed, the world is established, it cannot be moved.
Psa 93.1 NET

Psalm 93, in Book 4 of Psalms, was apparently written to help the people understand that even in the midst of exile and anarchy, God still reigns. It brings solid truth to a shaken humanity, even today.

  1. God has always reigned, v2, unlike the imagined gods of the pagans who conceived of enthronement scenes for their deities. That the world is still here is testimony to his eternal reign.
  2. Chaotic forces and evil have always thrown themselves against the divine order, v3. They unleash all their fury against God. So it is today as well.
  3. The forces of evil do not shake the kingdom of God, v4. He still sits calmly upon his throne. He still rules. Does he not rule as well today?
  4. If the world is still here and remains solid, so are his laws for his people, v5. Man’s philosophies change as often as a child’s diaper, but the truth of God stands firm.
  5. The end point is, what kind of people will we be? v5. God rules over his house in holiness. Chaos enters our lives through a failure to be holy. “How shall we then live?” asked Francis Shaeffer. The key to our security and peace is holiness, to be devoted to God.

God rules in power and holiness. He brings these to bear in our lives, for good or destruction, depending upon our submission to his truths and lives that reflect his character.


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