Soggy morning, falling trees, empty bedroom


Soggy morning here, after heavy storms last night that kept us awake and electricity blinking off and on. Before we left for the airport yesterday afternoon, we had some hail. On our way out of town, we saw trees split by wind or lightning and some trees uprooted.

The local newspaper said that the storm yesterday had 70km winds which knocked down 20 trees in SJC and Taubaté and a metal structure up the hill from us at the university.

The Maiden is in the air at this moment, on her way back to the US. We enjoyed having her home for a couple weeks. She got to do a lot, eat foods she was missing, see some people especially the church, and rest up a bit. We’ve missed not having her around, but have adjusted well to the empty bedroom, which, again, is quiet.

Carl’s Jr. opened up Nov. 28 in the São Paulo airport. Much better than McDs. More expensive, too. We got an ice cream cone there last night before The Maiden was swallowed up into the bowels of the airport. The business plan is to open 100 of the fancy burger places in Brazil. The airport location is the first in Brazil.

A private entity has taken over the management of the São Paulo airport (GRU). Big improvements and expansions are coming to accommodate the growth in air traffic.

Christmas party time is upon us. We had our year-end party with the churches here at Paulo and Socorro’s gated community. They have a party room there, so Elida’s husband, not a Christian, manned the grill.

This week we changed our Wednesday night reading group to Monday, after consulting with all the usual participants, so that The Maiden could be present. It was an enjoyable moment with a reading from Ecclesiastes 11.1-6 and gift exchanges and food.

That passage just might serve as my verse for the new year. Amazing thoughts in it, to work because we don’t know what will happen. Usually we think that the unknown means we shouldn’t go forward. Solomon says it means we should double our efforts. Or have I read it wrong?

J. Randal Matheny

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