Smoking law, rain, hail, store closing

paozinhosWhen I went to lunch, our padaria (bread store) was closed. I had eaten a piece of toast there between 10-10:30. The lady at the restaurant on the corner said it was full of police around 11:30. Wondered if they’d had a robbery. Wouldn’t be the first time. Still closed as of 1:30 p.m.

Perhaps somebody wanted a different kind of bread — without working for it.

The state of Sao Paulo passed a law to take effect Aug. 7: no smoking in public places, including restaurants, bars and public areas of office buildings. Big Brother looking out for the stupid populace. (Though I’ll breathe a sigh of relief getting away from the smoke.)

Rain for a whole week during our dry season has caused numerous problems. A strong rain Wednesday inundated the restaurant on the corner, below my neighbors’ music school.

And that hail on Tuesday killed 300 herons and injured 150 that roosted in a green area owned by a local industry.

Police apprehended R$10,000 in false bills of Brazilian Reais (about $5200 dollars) and arrested one person in town yesterday.

About once a month or so we get Sunday visitors at SJCampos or Taubate from virtual visits to our church website. (English-language site has different content, more static.) Something to be said for getting the word of the Lord out there where people can see it.

J. Randal Matheny

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