Go now, o sluggard!

Home work space
A bit blurry pic of my new home work space


We studied last week with five people, at once, about doing the will of God. Pray they continue and will become Christians. More in the GoSpeak report, out by tomorrow.

Great lunch and afternoon with two couples from Taubaté, three of the adults are Christians who meet with us in that city. Enjoyable  Christian fellowship.

As of today, using the kids’ old school desk — which they seldom used — for my home work space (above). A bit of a change up, and I think, better posture situation.

Did you know that some words can be whittled down a letter at a time and still be a word until you get down to the last letter? Here’s one: abusing, busing, using, sing, sin, in, i. (I came up with that myself, after I misspelled “using” in the previous paragraph; aren’t you proud of me?)

So many good options to choose from in this life. So many writing projects call my name. Let me finish a couple I’ve started before following any others into the forest of trees.

Didja read my editorial yesterday, where I shared my mission statement, Bible verse, and prayer for the new year? Go now, o sluggard!

Tomorrow, a bang-up poem on Cloudburst. You are a subscriber, right?

So many good options too in terms of where to park your hide on the Internet. I found two good ones in Friendica (my spot: randal) and TiddlySpace (online tiddlywiki), where my main space is randal.

Facebook gets ever more restrictive with less control by the user, and more open in terms of lack of privacy. I stay there for family and ministry. But don’t hang around as much as I once did.

But back to home. With a nice rain to cool things off, and the quiet end to a holiday, it seems a good ending to the first day of the new year. May they all be as good, each in its own way, each with its own blessing.

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

2 thoughts on “Go now, o sluggard!

  1. Hey Randal, here’s a silly but enquiring mind type of question: are you left-handed?

    I noticed the mouse is on the left hand side of the computer…can’t help it, it’s my analytical mind 🙂 Figured you’re left-handed or ambidextrous.

    Hope your studies with the people grow! Happy 2013.

    1. I am indeed left-handed. It’s a wonder I’ve not proclaimed it lately, since you’re finding out at a late date in our relationship. 🙂

      Thanks, and may the Lord drop some needy souls in your lap as well.

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