Elgin Father Time Pocket Watch Movement
Elgin Father Time Pocket Watch Movement (Photo credit: Juergen Trunz)

After the excitement of the weekend and First Day, yesterday was slow. Mentally. But God was good on a slow day too.

• I was blocked again from this and other of our sites on our hired host from yesterday until today. Ran a virus scan, am clean, so not sure what that was all about.

• But I did get in my FMag editorial, barely under the wire. Tells you some of my sorrows and joys from yesterday. And the on Constant in our lives.

• The Missus did a test last week, in the ongoing saga of her racing heart. I’ve been telling her I was just too much for her. But she doesn’t listen, so she’s going to do another this Sat. and get wired for 24 hours. Another, different test next week.

• Ron J.’s classes and sermons were great. He and I got into a good rhythm as I translated for him. My philosophy of interpretation is to reflect the emotional intensity and tone of the speaker. So when Ron talked about David and Goliath, I was slinging that rock right along with him.

• Now that the US tinkered with Father Time, we’re two hours ahead of Central Time, where most of our family is.

• We got a Magic Jack for Christmas, finally got it installed, so we have a US number if you want to call us. Nashville area code, because of our boys. 615-530-0630. No idea how it works, nor how well. Other numbers are still good, if you prefer feeling international.

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