Sleet Street

We’ve had heavy rains since we returned. Tonight, after supper, we got sleet, “pedras de gelo”, or ice rocks, as Brazilians call them.

Leila’s new friend from down the street spent the late afternoon and evening with her. I’m glad she has someone close to pass the time with. Her friend seems to come from a solid, moral religious family.

Last night I had stomach problems, not the doubling-over kind I used to have, but the esfirras from Habib’s did not do me well. I’m also in detox from our USA splurges. From yesterday to today I dropped 1 kg.

The Brazilian weather service, INPE, forecasts much more lightning in 2008 than normal. Brazil is already the country where the most lightning strikes, so we’ll get more than our share this year.

J. Randal Matheny

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