Why do people sleep in church? That subject has members of the GospelPreachers email list on Yahoo sharing stories. I shared this:

Once in a while, I see a Brazilian nodding off during a class or sermon. Two main reasons, methinks: one, 10-12 hour workdays, and spending Saturday and Sunday working for the Lord, traveling hundreds of miles in the process; two, taking two buses to get to church, spending an hour and a half to two hours, walking another 20 minutes with a six-year-old in tow.

Many times the reasons are trivial, but caution is needed before judging individual cases. Scott Wiley shared this story, reproduced with his permission:

Back in ’79 or ’80 I was visiting my grandmother and attended her congregation that Sunday.  An elderly brother fell asleep in about the third row and started snoring — I mean rattle-the-windows-out-of-the-sills snoring. The preached stopped and said: “Before I wake brother X, you should all know he’s been sitting up with his wife at the hospital all week. This is the first time he has left her room in days, and he only stopped home long enough to clean up and change clothes.” The preacher went back to his sermon started shouting and pounded the pulpit in the next few sentences of his sermon. The brother awoke, and no one to my knowledge ever mentioned it to him.

Not a bad reason to doze off, don’t you think?

What do you think?