Did you catch these items in the reading? Below the fold: two hints, one revelation, two invitations.

The Cloudburst poem went out early this morning. Had been written late last week, but I held it for today. It’d been simmering in my drafts file, but not moldering.

1. Lots of me’s in the poem, aren’t there? But they’re all direct objects, indicative of the neediness and dependence on the Lord.

2. The thoughts of this twelve-line poem are divided between lines. No stanzas. (Hence, no sample on the webpage this time.)  Hints at a personal brokeness before the Lord. The thought per line is resolved only toward the end. That tell you something?

3. The first complete thought, in lines 1 and 2a, is a quote from a prayer in Andrew Murray’s book, Living the New Life. I felt it especially poignant, since a close friend of mine had allowed some sin to drive him away from God.

4. The poem can be had for the asking (comments, below), and  more like it can be received by email through a free subscription to high-quality, traditional (meaning, understandable) Cloudburst Syndicated Poetry.

5. Ah, there is a cost to subscription: a comment now and again. Have you paid yours yet?

3 thoughts on “Sinner That I Am

  1. Enjoyed the power expressed with the me direct objects, i.e., drive, revive, enfold, behold – that worked with the ABBA rhyming for me.


  2. Tom, it’s a bit repetitive, and I hoped, not distracting, so I’m glad it worked for you. I do appreciate all the comments you make. Thanks!

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